Whether you need to obtain the necessary control required for your application or optimize speed and efficiency for fixed and variable load demands, Trans-Power Variable Speed Drives provide flexibility and simplicity for your motor control applications. In addition, Trans-Power V-Drives are available with an integrated power disconnect for decentralized mounting, allowing you to reduce component costs and space in your facility. Available in three frame sizes and featuring a horsepower range from one-half to 10 HP and input voltages from 115 to 480 VAC, Trans-Power drives offer a combination of power and simplicity at an exceptional value.

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Power (kW)

Power (kW)

Input Phase

  • 1 (32)
  • 3 (59)

Output Phase

  • 3 (91)

Output Current (Amps)

Output Current (Amps)

Enclosure Rating

Overload Capacity

Integrated Disconnect

Speed Potentiometer

FWD/O/Rev Switch

Weight (lbs)

Height (in.)

Width (in.)

Depth (in.)

Voltage Rating @60hz