Drives Specifications

Obtain the necessary control required for your application. Trans-Power Variable Speed Drives provide flexibility and simplicity for your motor control application. Optimize speed and efficiency for both fixed and variable load demands. In addition, Trans-Power V-Drives are available with an integrated power disconnect for decentralized mounting solution allowing you to reduce component costs and space in your facility.

Input Ratings

•Supply voltage: 110-480 VAC:  +/- 10%
•Supply frequency: 48-62Hz

•Phase imbalance: 3% maximum
•Power cycles: 120 per hour evenly placed

Drive Features

•Auto restart: Yes – up to 5 attempts
•Configurable FWD/O/Rev Switch: Switched version only
•Preset speeds: 4 preset frequencies/speeds

•Display: 6 character LED display
•Simple commissioning: 12 parameter basic setup, 50 total parameters
•Enclosure: NEMA® 4x/12 IP66 (dust/waterproof) for indoor use

Drive Specifications

•Analog inputs: 2: 0-10 VDC, 4-20mA
•Relay inputs: 1: Built-in form C relay, 250 VAC, 6A /30 VDC, 5A DC
•Analog input/digital output: 0-10 VDC
•Programming: Keypad or optional V- STIK commissioning and back up drive parameters tool
•Switching frequency: 4-32 kHz, default 8kHz
•Voltage boost: User selectable
•Dynamic braking: Built-in brake chopper, frames 2 & 3
•External braking resistor: Up to 150% dynamic braking with properly sized resistor

•DC injection braking: Programmable 0-25 seconds at 0.0Hz
•Volts/Hz: V/Hz, adjustment user selectable
•Output frequency: 0-500 Hz 0.1 Hz resolution
•Accel/Decel: Independent acceleration & deceleration ramps (0.0 to 600 seconds)
•Keypad speed control: Standard switched and non switched versions
•Network communications: RS-485 2 wire MODBUS-RTU communications
•PID control: Internal PID control with feedback display
•Sink/source inputs: Source, 24 VDC Logic

Drive Protection

•Under voltage: Protection against low input line voltage
•Overload capacity: 150% for 60 seconds, 175% for 2 seconds
•Output short circuit: Phase to phase on output
•Drive over temperature: Heat sink sensor
•Electronic thermal overload: Electronic thermal overload protection for the connected motor

•DC bus overload: DC Bus trip
•Over current: Over-current/short-circuit protection
•Output phase: Open output phase fault
•Loss of reference: Loss of speed reference signal fault
•Communication error: Detects communication error

Operational Conditions

•Altitude: 1,000 m (3,300 ft.) derate above 1,000m:1% per 100mm /Max 2000m
•Ambient temperature: –10°C to 40°C, 14°F – 102°F
•Relative humidity: 0% to 95%, non-condensing

Global Certifications

•c UL us, CE, C-tick, RoHS, ISO9001, ISO14001


•Fault log: Last four faults stored with time stamp
•Data logging: Output current, drive temperature, DC bus voltage
•Monitoring: Hours run meter, energy consumption meter

Input Ratings

•Supply voltage: 110-480 VAC:  +/- 10%
•Supply frequency: 48-62Hz

•Phase imbalance: 3% maximum
•Power cycles: 120 per hour evenly placed

Operational Conditions

•Temperature: Storage -40 to 60°C | Operating -10 to 50°C
•Altitude: 1000m above seal level no derate | 2000m above sea level maximum UL approved, derate above 1000m: 1% / 100m | 4000m above sea level maximum not UL

•Humidity: 95% non condensing
•Vibration: Conforms to EN61800 – 5 – 1

Drive Features

•Simple Commissioning: Yes – up to 5 attempts
•Preset Speeds: 4 preset frequencies/speeds
•Display: 7 Segment LED display

•Set Up Macros: 3 optimized settings: Industrial, Fan, Pump modes
•Heavy Duty Rated: 150% overload 60 seconds, 175% overload 2 seconds
•Sensorless Vector: Controls induction motors, permanent magnet, brushless DC, synchronous reluctance motors

Drive Specifications

•Programming: Keypad or optional V- Stik commissioning and back up tool
•Switching Frequency: 4-32KHz, default 8KHz
•Voltage Boost: User selectable
•Braking: Motor flux braking, built in transistor, excludes frame size 1
•Volts/ Hertz: User selectable

•Output Frequency: 0 – 500Hz 0.1 resolution
•Accel / Decel: Selectable 0.0 – 600 seconds
•Skip Frequency: Single point, selectable
•Network Communications: Modbus RTU 9.6 – 115 kbps, CANopen 125 – 1000 kbps

Drive I/O Specifications

•Power Supply: 24VDC, 100mA short circuit protected | 10VDC, 5mA for potentiometer
•Programmable Inputs: 4 total, 2 digital, 2 analog / digital selectable
•Programmable Outputs: 2 total 1 analog / digital selectable, 1 relay

•Relay Output: 250VAC, 30VDC, switching current 6A AC, 5A DC
•Analog Output: 0 – 10V

Drive Application

•Fire Mode: Bi-directional selectable speed setpoint (Fixed / PI/ Analog / Com)

•PI Control: Internal PI controller, Standby / Sleep Function

Drive Maintenance

•Fault Memory: Last four trips stored with time stamp

Drive Diagnostics

•Data Logging: Output current, drive and DC bus temperatures prior to trip

•Monitoring: Hours run meter