Rolled Steel

Like our long lasting, tough and rugged cast iron motors, these rolled steel motors use robust designs that deliver the performance and value you expect for your operation and will help add to your bottom line. Available exclusively from Kaman backed with a 36-month warranty and the support of our knowledge and expertise to help you select the right motor to best suit your needs.

Whether you need a motor for a new or an existing application, TransPower’s new rolled steel motors can be installed with confidence.

Our rolled steel motors are for general purpose applications such as pump, fan, conveyor, gear reducer and machine tool applications. They offer the performance and exceptional value you have come to expect.


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Product Categories

Mount Type



Synchronous Speed


Number Of Poles

  • 2 (24)
  • 4 (24)
  • 6 (25)

Frame Size

Breakdown Torque

Constant Torque Turndown

Nema Design

  • B (73)

Fl Eff

Amps @230v

Amps @460v

kva Code

  • G (3)
  • J (3)
  • K (24)
  • L (7)
  • M (15)
  • N (6)
  • P (15)


  • 9 (73)

Bearing Protection

Input Phase

  • 3 (73)


Weight (lbs)